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April 23, 2009

Health Freedom Alert:

MERCK is backing off (for now) their quest to mandate vaccination of young girls with Gardisil

Forced vaccination backfires.

Good news! It looks as if MERCK is finally backing off of their quest to mandate vaccination of young girls with Gardisil. It seems the reports of fainting, dizziness, sterility and death (22 so far) is starting to garner the attention of the regulatory authorities. It is you and your efforts bringing this beast to heel. The fight isn't over; keep up the pressure. It's working!
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HR20-New Mother�s Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE!

This insidious legislation falls into our "Health Fascism" file. The House of Representatives has passed HR-20 and sent it on to the Senate. HR-20, also known as the "Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act", authorizes the study of the effects of post partum depression on women after childbirth. Like all legislation, it sounds benign and helpful but close examination and a little thinking reveals it to be a horrendous intrusion of the Federal Government into the very nucleus of American Society.

The bill authorizes health care workers to screen mothers for post partum depression and offer them "help" in dealing with and overcoming it. A scenario is easily developed where a family is denied the ability to take their child home after a hospital birth because a mother failed to answer a series of subjective questions on a multiple choice test correctly. Or even worse chose not to vaccinate their new born with deadly toxins. Of course, that denial to take your baby home can be overcome if you just take this little pill here and agree to in home monitoring until you are pronounced OK. Think on this: Do you have any idea how hard it is to be declared sane after being declared unsane?
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Mother Seeking Daughter and Justice

To give you an idea of how easily a parent can lose custody of their children visit this story of a mother who has been fighting for years to get her youngest daughter back.
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And please please sign her petition on Care2! She's up to 5,043 signatures... Lets get it up to 50,000!!!
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Finally, this week we feature a report exposing the failed link between vaccines and the reduction of childhood diseases. Indeed, the true credit for the reduction in childhood disease is shown to be more a function of improvements in sanitation and living with clean potable water than anything which could be attributed to vaccines. In this report, Dr. James Shannon who served as director of NIH is quoted as saying "the only safe vaccine is one that is never used." It goes on to expose the dirty little secrets about vaccines.
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We have some true victories, but the battle for Health Freedom is never ending. You are the true warriors in this battle. MERCK's retreat from seeking mandatory Gardisil vaccinations is a victory we can all relish but it is you who have made the difference. Your support helps us put the information in your hands, but it is you who are doing the heavy lifting. You have a victory to celebrate this week. Be proud.

We We have a new DVD to offer this week as a thank you gift for your donations. It is "Vaccine Nation" produced by our good friend Gary Null, Ph.D. This documentary film clearly illustrates the health damage suffered by our innocent children, due to unnecessary vaccinations and gives you the information you need to speak intelligently and forcefully on the subject of childhood vaccinations. We only have a limited supply of these DVD's so they are only available while supplies last.

Also for a limited time receive a 2 Disk DVD set "The Future of Food" and/or "Understanding MMS" with your donation. More than 200,000 Americans are using The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). Thousands of lives have been saved (Over 75,000 from Malaria in Africa alone). Reports of overcoming 'incurable' diseases are happening every day! With ever looming threat of bio-warfare and Bird flu, MMS should be in every home. Click here to read about Mirace Mineral Supplement

We've asked for a special discount on MMS for HFA members and now have a special order page for members! A full 20% saving on MMS! Go here to stock up while you can at this price

Your donations make all of these timely advances possible! Your continued support is the fuel that drives Health Freedom Alliance. Thank you for forwarding emails to your friends and family! Keep up the good work!


We are all invested in this fight. Each of us will be effected by its outcome. Each of us can make a difference!

Thank you Freedom Fighters!

Thomas Cowles II
Thomas Cowles II
Media Director
Health Freedom Alliance
Health & Wellness Foundation
CHAD Foundation


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